Stephen Hawking askes an important question.

Stephen Hawking asked an important question today on Yahoo, and people are responding.  "In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?"


My CwG response:

I think there might be an opportunity for people who believe in higher possibilities for us all to really makes some waves in regard to this question.  You might consider going to answer it yourself.  http://answers.yahoo.com/question/?qid=20060708015558AA3UJG8&r=w&pa=FZptHWf.BGRX3OFMhDZWWJ5NO.G6Z.uh2rYGdrElSIgZrqQZDq.CxacrQsb4PRFsmnoHw9X95MrNyoouVQ--&cp=15&tp=15#TJEsDDO4BzKYGSbYBz1_0f4xjNR96EPwDqRRM1xmXrEecn11.Yzv

A new forum

I'd like to introduce you guys to a new forum:  http://hafodholistiche.bbfunplus.com/hafodholistiche.html.  It's just starting up so there's hardly anyone there yet, it's open to numerous spiritual topics.  Everything from weight loss to remote healing.  I really love the idea of an entire forum dedicated to the evolution of the soul!  There are topics like psychic development, healing, UFO's, so on and so forth.  I'm really excited about it.

(no subject)

Hi! My name is Sarah and I just joined this community. It's really nice to know that there's other people out there who find it beneficial and even essential to see deeper into matters than just what appears on the surface. For example, I was just now reminded how much people like to talk without really saying anything - I'm in Michigan and we're on summer break right now, and it's interesting to see what kinds of conversations friends have now; usually they all talk about homework or tests and now that it's summer there's just . . . nothing.

Anyway, I'm happy to be a part of this community. :)
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evil robot

Sould Contracts

Would someone please explain or point me toward a site that details the difference between mission mates, twin flames, romantic soul mates, karmic soul mates (etc.)? I'd like to finally get a grip on all varieties of spirit connections.

I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!


I don't really know why I'm here. I was going through random livejournal communities and I got here, saw the poem, and really liked it. So I joined. And I'll just post a random introduction post, I hope nobody minds.

I'm in my first year of highschool. A youngin, I know. I've been raised in the bible belt and I lost my best friend to cancer a couple of years ago which led to me 'losing' my christianity. I've just now become satisfied with who I am.

I really have no idea at all why I'm here. I just felt like posting. I feel like there's something I should say or know...but right now all I have is "Hi, I'm April." Almost everybody I know has a different nickname for me, and I'm liking Daisy right now if you'd prefer to call me that.
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Song to the Gift

There is no Cause
There is no Purpose
There is no Rule
There is just Being

It is in you, let it flow.
It is in you, rise.
It is in you dance.

O Child of the Gift,
Love is giving yourself away so others may know Love
Love is what gave itself away so you may know Love
It is the Gift

PS: not enough posts on this community, what a pity :) Come play with me!
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Holy soul!

You must be just kidding me, where are the cameras?

Becoming aware of Love and Existence, i explored the realm of consciousness since a while already and parallely came with the idea of naming it "the gift". How great!

You are all welcome to check vivasvan and vivasvan_poems

Take care! :)
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Hey everyone, havent posted in a bit, been busy with other aspects of my life.
Anyways, I've been having some crazy experience with different types of ESP. Mainly, clairvoyance.

I have plenty of my own theories behind clairvoyance, and I am not looking for an explanation. What I am really here to do is to ask anyone if they find similiarties, and possibly to help me clarify a few things, and maybe for some advice on how to increase my ability and belief.

When I try to practice clairyvoyance, which hasnt been overly frequent, I focus on this one person who means a lot to me. The first time I had a vision of this person, it was more a premonition , and I find that the premonition was far more intense while I was having it than a normal clairvoyant experience.

My first clairvoyant experience came on the brink of consciousness. The colours that normally spindle on the back of my eyelids before sleeping formed a pink aura, and formed a picture which I could cleary distinguish as this person. Sure enough, it turned out to be accurate. But I had never thought clairvoyance was like this...

Ive had many clairvoyant experiences regarding this person since, and it seems more now, that I concentrate, before going to sleep, on this person and what they are doing. And a story sort of plays out in my minds eye, a very very vivid image appears in my mind, but lacks detail, if that makes any sense. After each image, I take note so that I can be discreet while asking my friend about these incidents. And sure enough, they seem to be accurate.

Now my main problem lays within the fact that after each experience, I feel ALMOST as if I had imagined the whole episode. As if it wasnt actually a vision, it was just a story that I forced myself to play out. Kinda.

Im wondering if anyone has similiar feelings after a vision, any advice or information in any form regarding clairvoyance, even if it is just a suggestion on where to research, or what to research would be greatly appreciated.

Best to your cognitive experience,