velicious (velicious) wrote in thegift,

Hello and wake up

Its time. The first Clarion makes the call and all others should hear and sound off. The time of the generation has come, make your voices clear. Brother take Brother in arm. Sister grasp sister by the hand. Peace comes to us all and we demand it. Not with fists and shouts, but with finger tips and whispers. Covet love and fellowship over gold and power.
The new day of man open and we have but one chance, this one year, this one time. A communion of man must occur now. War must end. Greed must be put aside. The better good of 5 around you must become the most important thing you can do each day. The well being of your family and friends, the growth of your circle of clan will be the only thing important.
We should begin now. Be kind beyond the need. Carry the message to other to end strife. Reach out to those you normally wouldn't.
The good people must now rise up, must now take charge and control. All forms of compulsory agreement of society must end. You can be different, but be about building other up. The negative must end, either build or be silent. The time is now to settle for no less. Come with us and we shall all grow greater, work against us and be pushed aside.
It is nothing new to demand kindness and a degree of respect for and to each other. I think now is the most important time to practice it.
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