Pandora (painterofroses) wrote in thegift,

Girl us find the man responsible

Lindsay Ann Hawker was a care-free 22-year-old following her dream of teaching English in Japan when she was brutally murdered.

Lindsay was last seen on the 25th of March with 28-year-old Tatsuya Ichihashi and her body was discovered on the balcony of his flat in Tokyo. He remains the Japanese Police's only suspect and is on the run.

Click link above to view the article and see a picture of the man who killed her. Think about it people....this could one day be your girlfriend....sister....friend...daughter....please help find this man. And girls WHENEVER a suspicious man is around don't ever doubt your instinct!!!! Call the cops...even if you feel your over reacting and being could save your life!! Please send re-send this link to people...livejournal is a huge connection for people and it could be what helps find the man. If you ever wanted to make a difference in life do this small thing for her and it will make a difference....Know one deserves death like this!
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