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A New Voice

Hello everyone,
        I have recently decided it was time to seek support for my 'gift' I love the word that this community uses. I have had prophetic dreams for sometime now, much of which has been proven to me by the fact that I see almost all of them on the news within a couple of days of having the dream. After a while I had just stopped watching the news tired of seeing my dreams splatted on the screen taunting me. I didn't, and still don't want to be come a freak of society and becoming public in this to me was like admitting that I was indeed a freak. I don't feel this way anymore and realizing that people other than myself have this 'gift' has made me believe that maybe I am something other than a freak of nature. So I seek support, and I seek to strengthen and build on the thing that I had once called a curse.

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