shadowshow (shadowshow) wrote in thegift,

Soul Contracts

I was wondering if anyone could help me understand a specific aspect of soul contracts.

I had a pretty amazing experience meeting a certain man last year. I was told by two mediums (who don't know each other) that he is my "twin flame" and we have a "life's mission" together. I was also told that our paths would cross occasionally over the next couple of years at certain windows of opportunity. We'll drift in and out of each other's lives a few times before any real bonding takes place, but it's important to connect at those brief windows.

I absolutely see why the paths are not aligned yet. His career is outrageously busy, and I've had a family and personal health crisis to contend with. It just FEELS like the time is not right.

However, the last two clear "windows" to see each other fell through, and I'm curious as to whether this affects the overall pattern of how things will play out. Are the intermittent connections crucial, or is our potential future more dependent on where we are in our respective life paths?

I believe that life is always a combination of "destiny" and human free will. I'm fine with things unfolding in their own proper time (however long it takes), yet part of me hopes that the lost opportunities didn't "ruin" anything. I'd appreciate any input. THANKS!

(sorry for slight x-posting!)
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