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I will remove this ASAP if it's not appropriate for the community

So, I have an idea.  I am into altar building lately.  An altar, to me, is a visual prayer.  My altars are not an offering to any god, they are not a device to summon power, no sacrifices are performed there.  For me, my altars are an expression of my intent and desire.  I have decided to build a Healing Circle altar (idea inspired by this community: and this community:  It will take me awhile to complete it (and I'll be working on it forever, I suspect) but, in the meantime, you can request to be added into the altar.  By being added you are accepting my healing intentions for you.  I will meditate on the altar when I have the time and energy.  I will focus healing energy on the healing requests that I collect there.

What I need is for you, if you wish to participate, is to comment here with your name (fake or otherwise) and whatever else you'd like to add.  If you prefer to send me something with a little more of You in it--like your name written in your own hand--just email me at genielorene at gmail dot com and I'll send you my PO box number.  You can mail me a slip of paper with your name (full, not full, whatever) and it will go into the circle.  No return addresses are necessary and I vow that your information and anything you send me will remain absolutely private.  I will find a special box or container of some sort for the healing requests I collect.  All names/requests will go into that box which will be placed on the altar.  

Pictures of the altar will be posted as soon as I get enough of it put together.  Healing requests will be accepted indefinitely, and you can send more than one.  Send all you need, but do try to keep it short and sweet.  No letters please.  These all have to fit in a box on the altar and I won't have room for pages and pages of healing requests.  Besides, I don't need to know what's wrong, all I need is a name that is associated with you so that the healing energy can be directed at you.  Photos are MOST welcome, even preferred.  If I run out of room in the box, I'll get a bigger box or I will bury older requests outside in my yard where I have a Sacred Circle (sounds much fancier than it looks).  

Since this idea is just a baby, I'm open to comments, suggestions, and critiques of my plan.  Cross-posting everywhere.

Love and light to you all.
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