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Healing Energy Exchange

I’m going in for major surgery this Friday, the 18th (hopefully the start of a new, healthy life after recovery!), and thought I’d ask if any of you would like to do a little positive energy exchange with me.

Here’s what you guys can do:

On the morning of the 18th (or anytime that day), send some healing energy my way in whatever form you like, as long as there is a sense of connectedness and concentrated energy. Here’s a photo if it helps the visualization. Since I’m having abdominal surgery, you may want to focus on my midsection…restored abilities to digest (especially no nausea and vomiting!)…I’d appreciate anything, whether it's one thought or multiple prayers.

In return:

I’ll check my comments on Thursday morning (last time I’ll get to check). If you want to help me, please leave a note with your name and what you’d like me to send you positive energy for. I’ll bring a list of everyone and their wishes to the hospital with me, and focus on sending energy each day in the week following my operation.

My predicted hospital stay is around 10 days. I wonder if healing energy will speed up the process even a tiny bit! Many thanks to anyone who wants to do this.

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