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Regarding the recent post re: John Edward

I think it is always important to take everyone's experiences and opinions into account. Based on the reactions of this community and others to the recent post regarding the satanic nature of mediumship, most have dismissed this or found it extremely offensive, so I would like to outline the case for mediumship as my understanding and experience has demonstrated it to be. Anyone who has anything to add is welcome to do so.

Firstly, the work of John Edward and other mediums who exist today is based on a belief that, contrary to the heirarchical nature of the Roman Catholic system, God is accessable to all - that is, anyone can talk to God without the need for priests as mediators. The belief they hold is that God exists not as an omnipotent old man, but rather as a pure source of universal love, a highest vibration, again available for all to tap into. Everything that is, matter, energy or otherwise, exists as a lower vibration of this energy (interestingly, a notion verified by quantum physics - in physics this 'source' is called the 'Unified Field', matter is a form of energy whose vibration has dropped below that of the speed of light... but I digress.) There is no 'heaven and hell', nor an epic personality clash between God and one of his angels Satan, as God has no personality (a human trait.) Energy is not essentially good or evil, but can be 'polarised' by thoughts, events, places and actions.

After death, the soul (the surviving spiritual element of the person) will return to a higher plain of existence, and this is generally defined as a place of energy or higher vibration. Some souls who do not realise that they are dead may become 'earthbound' and may require the help of mediums or other spirits to accept their new state of existance.
Mediums are people who are somehow able to percieve these higher vibrations and connect with these souls (again, an ability available to anyone to a certain degree). Mediums always speak of God and love, and use their abilities to bring comfort to the grieving and guidance to the lost. The messages they channel spread healing, relief, comfort, and through their actions remind even the most close-minded corporate billionaire of the possible existence of something more than the physical world.

To therefore claim that mediated souls are trapped in hell, and mediumship is the result of satanic interventions suggests that
a) God, love, peace and comfort are the teachings of Satanism? and
b) all those who are so comforted by the contact with their loved ones should now accept that their loved ones are, infact, in hell.
c) Those who were guided and assisted in restoring balance, meaning and joy to their lives were aided by Satanism.

If this is the case, I expect many of us will convert to Satanism very soon.

Contrary to the implications of the previous post, spirit guides and the souls of the deceased are entirely seperate entities. Spirit guides are not the remaining element of a recently deceased living creature, for the most part they have no earthly connections whatsoever. Their role is to watch and guide us when we need, and ask for, help. They also may help to establish the mediumship connection, and perform various other spiritual tasks, but they generally have no familical relation to the persons with which they are involved. We may have many different guides throughout a life time, each one relevant to the guidance we need at that stage of life. The deceased remain a constant entity, and will usually stop being channelled after a period of time as they return to a higher level of their new existance or to God, or perhaps begin a new life.

The promise of the mediums - love, comfort, peace and spirituality for everyone (the latter particularly loathed in conservative Catholicism and other religeous traditions, many of whom lament for the days where their influence was unquestioned) has changed so many lives, provoked so many healings and benevolent acts, and reached so many people that to attack it with claims of satanism is to attack all those who believe that humanity has the potential to develop into an enlightened, community-minded species in tune with nature and the universe. Clearly these claims come across as both offensive and nonsensical.
Without mediums brave enough to bear the beating of the public eye such as John Edward, we would have nothing but the physical world and a limited concept spirituality coming from a melange of outdated super-interpretable religeous texts.

To fully accept that we are acting 'on God's will', we must surely align what we perceive to be his directions with what we believe in our hearts to be right. Surely no God would ask us to reach out to a thousand people and leave them all with scars. As the mediums tell us, no pure spirit will stay if told to leave, and if a guide told John Edward to jump from the eiffel tower, chances are he would tell the spirit exactly what to do with the eiffel tower.

Perhaps it is the case that an individual has been contacted by a messenger of God to free us all from the illusion of mediums. Perhaps we have been misguided, and perhaps we have accepted what Edward, Brown, Virtue and Van Praagh have told us without properly questionning it. Or perhaps we simply felt that it all made sense, that it somehow deeply moved that part of us which acknowledges our connection with the universe. Perhaps in light of this we should all re-assess what we believe, and ask ourselves if it still rings true.
To accept what we are told and act upon it without discretion is surely the greatest evil.
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