homers_lover (homers_lover) wrote in thegift,

I don't believe it myself.

Please read the following as a message of hope to those possessed by Satan and practicing mediumship, including the psychic John Edward.

I am a woman who is with the Archangel Michael. I did not choose this path. My life was "commandeered" by God a year and a half ago when Michael came to me in the guise of a deceased ex-boyfriend.

As is with angel-human relations, I have full telepathy with him and am able to channel him. As I said, I don't believe it myself.

I did not invite this experience in the slightest through occultism or witchcraft. I pray for those who practice this evil.

I often feel pushed to peform this job for God; I have been told that my job tonight is to get the word out to loving Christian communities and those communities that list "John Edward" as an interest that mediumship is evil and shall be shunned by those on Earth.

Your prayers for me are welcome. I have a community called john_edward_fan that Michael commanded me to start today. Please feel free to join over there; membership is open and you do not need to be a member to post.

Thank you and God bless.

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