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Fraud Psychic? Black Magic?

This is a bit long. I appreciate anyone reading and responding!

I've worked with mediums very successfully in the past, much like an apprentice eager to move forward on her spiritual path. I really cherish the learning process in the medium/querent relationship.

For the past ten years, I've had extreme health problems which are on the verge of major change/resolution (I hope). The mediums I know explained that many healers come into the world with sickness to overcome as part of the learning process in their life's mission and I've basically been "in training" for larger things (for the record I have always wanted to heal others; I want to work specifically in integrative medicine and the drive definitely came about from everything I've learned through illness). They were both able to give me uncanny specifics.

Yesterday I was approached by a psychic who said she could tell there were physical problems and there was something she HAD to talk to me about. She said I had been cursed and all of my problems were caused by black magic being done upon me by two people. When I asked if there were ways to clear the energy, she said that only a psychic could do it and she would help me but I needed to come in for a reading.

She said some things about my personality which I attribute to intuition, and asked for 20 dollars. I was honest with her and said that she did not explain anything that was truly specific to my situation. She claimed the black magic WAS the info she was sent to give me, and she wanted to help me now before it was "too late."

Now...HONEST psychics...

1) What is your stance on black magic? I've always chosen to believe that our tragedies happen for a reason, ultimately part of a greater path. Granted, my luck has been BEYOND awful for the last decade, but I've been looking for the lessons rather than suspecting foul play!

2) Does anything about this encounter seem legitimate? I believe in energy work, clearing blockages and so on. This woman said the bad energy could not be removed unless she found out exactly who was casting it upon me, and I'd like to believe that energy clearing is a more open ended and positive process.


Love and Light...
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