Hello and wake up

Its time. The first Clarion makes the call and all others should hear and sound off. The time of the generation has come, make your voices clear. Brother take Brother in arm. Sister grasp sister by the hand. Peace comes to us all and we demand it. Not with fists and shouts, but with finger tips and whispers. Covet love and fellowship over gold and power.
The new day of man open and we have but one chance, this one year, this one time. A communion of man must occur now. War must end. Greed must be put aside. The better good of 5 around you must become the most important thing you can do each day. The well being of your family and friends, the growth of your circle of clan will be the only thing important.
We should begin now. Be kind beyond the need. Carry the message to other to end strife. Reach out to those you normally wouldn't.
The good people must now rise up, must now take charge and control. All forms of compulsory agreement of society must end. You can be different, but be about building other up. The negative must end, either build or be silent. The time is now to settle for no less. Come with us and we shall all grow greater, work against us and be pushed aside.
It is nothing new to demand kindness and a degree of respect for and to each other. I think now is the most important time to practice it.

the south pole of saturn

i find it strange that on the eve of the holiday they find this magnificant geometrical design there. ive heard a few rumors of giant space ships idling there also. Shall be interesting to see if anything comes of it.

Finding the Answer

Sometimes we get Caught up in looking for the answers, when usually it is more important to ask the right Question. Ive spent a decade or more now trying to figure out how to pose that perfect question that once asked leads to the answers we all seem to seek. If anyone else is on this path and has some ideas, id love to hear them.

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 Sometimes it is hard to brush off other peoples energies.  I find i get quite exhausted and tired after a while, and i guess that just means im sensitive in my clairsentient gift.  But to me the best way to clear this is through a form of meditation.

I will sit somewhere comfortable (anywhere that i am drawn to) and just listen.  Sometimes, i close my eyes and let my vision sense take over.

I am most comfortable and relaxed when i let my natural gift come through for me and because of it i have realised that is how i waken my soul to its fullest potential.

new member to your community

Hi All,

I just wanted to say hello to everyone in this community.

Just a little about myself:

For a very long time, I've been quite aware of how "different" i was.  It was only at about high school that i started to accept and embrace my natural abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.

I noticed more vivid images, words, and feelings related to people around me.  

With the validation from my friends (i had often just told them things and they would come back days or even weeks later saying what i said was correct) i started to nutrure my abilities at my own pace.  I learned cleansing techniques, healing teachinques and reading techniques, all which have fine tuned me to who i am present.

I am not ashamed of my ability, and no one who possess some sort of connection to the spiritual realm should either.  I embrace it and let it guide me to my rightful direction and purpose.  

So that is why I am here! The journey of fine tuning ones ability will never cease especially if it is something that i feel strongly about.  I joined this community so sthat i can better myself and also along the way better other peoples concerns as well.

I have been practicing my ability for about 7 years now and have slowly slowly been able to open up to my friends and family about my abilities.  I guess the reading that i do for them all though out the years have validated it all for me.

If you are interested in a reading please, do not hesitate to contact me for more information:

contact me if you feel that you are drawn to do so- that only means that we are ment to cross paths sometime in this lifetime.

once again,  i am looking forward to hearing you comments and thoughts on topics that have been and will be posted within this community.

my yellow brick road

Girl us find the man responsible

Lindsay Ann Hawker was a care-free 22-year-old following her dream of teaching English in Japan when she was brutally murdered.

Lindsay was last seen on the 25th of March with 28-year-old Tatsuya Ichihashi and her body was discovered on the balcony of his flat in Tokyo. He remains the Japanese Police's only suspect and is on the run.

Click link above to view the article and see a picture of the man who killed her. Think about it people....this could one day be your girlfriend....sister....friend...daughter....please help find this man. And girls WHENEVER a suspicious man is around don't ever doubt your instinct!!!! Call the cops...even if you feel your over reacting and being could save your life!! Please send re-send this link to people...livejournal is a huge connection for people and it could be what helps find the man. If you ever wanted to make a difference in life do this small thing for her and it will make a difference....Know one deserves death like this!